Waulk Music


Waulk Records was established in 1997 to release the work of artists associated with Waulk Music.

Amadou Diagne

Artist: Amadou Diagne
Title: Yakar
Catalogue no: Waulk06
Release date: 29.4.13

Yakar is the follow-up to Senegalese songwriter Amadou Diagne’s well-received debut ‘Introducing Amadou Diagne’. This time working with producer Griselda Sanderson the thirteen-track album includes guest appearances from Abdoulaye Samb, Pete Josef, Simo Lagnawi, Alioune Samb & Louis Bingham. Taking his style of Senegalese blues into new territory with some rich arrangements Yakar explores themes of love and life as an immigrant as well as re-interpreting traditional songs.


Ian Anderson, fROOTS Magazine editor

“Honey-smoked vocals …Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance.”
Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine no.361, July 2013

“Stand out new West African release of the year made by UK resident Amadou Diagne. Exceptional music making that matches such as Baaba Maal and Salif Keita at their best, framed with innovative & unique fiddle scribble and arrangements by producer Griselda Sanderson”.
Chris Potts

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Simo Lagnawi

Artist: Simo Lagnawi
Title: Gnawa London
Catalogue no: Waulk05
Release date: 21.4.13

Simo Lagnawi’s debut album Gnawa London is a bold statement about musical identity as a Moroccan immigrant in London. The ten tracks range from the classic Gnawa number Shalaba, that shows off Lagnawi’s impressive vocal technique to the original Elhal, referring to the Arab Spring and simply stating ‘Enough!’.


"The gnawa man about town was beautifully recorded with a lovely intimate sound...very appealing if you're in the mood for a bit of acoustic Moroccan trance bliss-out which, quite often of an evening, I find I am"
Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine no. 361 July 2013"


“It’s an outstanding piece of work. Gnawa London never lacks any feeling of spontaneity, and the depth of the groove is mesmerizing. Lagnawi is a musician you’re all going to hear a lot more about”

Culture Capital, June 2013


“Gnawa London reveals Simo Lagnawi to be an artist to watch closely”

Tim Woodall, Songlines Magazine, August/September issue 94


“The gnawa man about London town…beautifully recorded with a lovely intimate sound…very appealing if you’re in the mood for a bit of acoustic Moroccan trance bliss-out, which quite often of an evening I find I am”

Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine,  July 2103 issue 361

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HarpaphonicsArtist: Griselda Sanderson
Title: Harpaphonics 
Catalogue no: Waulk003
Release date: 2009
‘On Harpaphonics, Gris ingeniously incorporates the nyckelharpa's many and special sounds into an impressive array of settings, moods and textures. I too swiftly became addicted to the fabulous sound of the nyckelharpa itself, finding it hard to prise this brave, enchanting and most rewarding disc from the player.’
fRoots & Netrhythms David Kidman November 2008

‘Like a hurdy gurdy played with a bow, the 16-string nyckelharpa is a traditional keyed fiddle, little heard outside its native Sweden. Scottish instrumentalist, sound artist and musicologist Gris Sanderson makes it the focus of her latest imaginative ensemble, and creates a brave new music derived in part from the traditional sounds of Scotland, Sweden and West Africa. Unusual tunings, fingered strings, slaps and dynamic changes add to the already vast sonic armoury (sheep in 'Treadlightly'!) in this rich and varied album.’
Norman Chalmers, Scotland on Sunday, 15 February 2009
* * * * 
‘The album opens with a beautiful solo… The dreamy ensemble sound of Irime is outstanding…Harpaphonics pulls all the right strings’.
Tim Cumming, Songlines, March 2009

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Traders cover 300dpi copyArtist: Julaba Kunda
Title: Traders 
Catalogue no: Waulk004
Release date: 2011
Traders reviews
‘An improbable but delightful fusion…The resulting hybrid of African rhythms wrapped up in highland jigs is built on a telling combination of inspiration and hard work. . .It’s lovely stuff and full of endless surprises.’
Nigel Williamson, Songlines: Nov/Dec 2011  
* * * *
‘The emotive interweaving of their variously flavoured sawing instruments – surprisingly difficult to tell apart – offset by Camara’s impassioned singing makes for a truly beguiling listen.’
MH, Daily Telegraph: 15.10.11
* * * *
‘One of the most original albums of the year’
The List
* * *
‘A stunning piece of work’
Sam Lee, Magpie’s Nest

‘Anyone interested in European, Scandinavian and Africa music will love Julaba Kunda’s latest release. Not to be missed!’
Inside World Music, 2012

‘The scene is set for an extraordinary dialogue. . . it’s fascinating how well the two instruments work together. . . Camara brings a wonderful sense of space to a music that warms with its gladsome appreciation of working in Britain. Lovely.’
New Internationalist

‘A timeless and highly original album.’
Properganda Magazine

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housemusicArtist: Waulk Elektrik
Title: House Music 
Catalogue no: Waulk001
Release date: 1997

‘Waulk Elektrik have constantly impressed with their ability to take traditional – and traditional-flavoured – music beyond the narrow vision of the purist, and instead sail into creatively uncharted waters. House Music asserts its intentions to surprise and stun from the first notes… the album bristles with a real presence, at times quite able to invoke shivers up your spine… the band allow their instrumental prowess to sparkle with a crystal clarity, honed with razor-edged melodies. Some of he finest contemporary roots/Celtic crossover material available.’
Sean McGhee, Rock’n’Reel magazine

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umdiumArtist: Waulk Elektrik 
Title: Um-Di-Um 
Catalogue no: Waulk002
Release date: 1999
‘A fully realised fusion of jigs, reels and all-purpose jumpy stuff’.
Peter Kane, Q Magazine

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